Most important advantages of PSITEK gate:

- Dual band 900/1800MHz with integrated GSM module
- Signal line reversal - possibility of precise tariffication
- Remote system maintenance
- Automatic PIN code initiation
- Wide range setting volume level in "down stream" (-24dB +6dB) and "up stream" (-6.5dB +51dB)
- CallBack list - a list of numbers that PSITEK gate will re-call
- Fast dialing system
- Number analyzing system
- On Hook/Off Hook time setting
- Automatic SMS reporting with information about GSM signal level, no traffic in gate, statistical reports etc.
- Possibility of programming using included software working on Windows
- RS 232 included
- Screening
- Possibility of connection several devices
- Small dimensions 116mmx79mmx28mm (LxBxH)
- Weight 180g

Very important advantage of Psitek gate is possibility of sending statistical and service reports (no traffic in gate, to low GSM signal level etc.). Reports could be received by ordinary mobile phone or Service Centre – Computer with special software. Centre like this in case of bigger company is necessary because in multi-branch company there is needful monitoring of gate’s work what makes possible fast response on many kind of damages. It is often happens that gate doesn’t work because of reason like line blockade in PBX, SIM card blockade, wrongly working routing system in PBX. In those cases gate send report about disappearance of phone traffic during particular (optionally setting) time period.
Between many similar devices available on market, only our gate marks Reporting function and allow on remote monitoring activated GSM interfaces. More information here:
The Psitek GSM gates system management.


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